The supply chain manager resume that will get you employed

Supply chain managers assure the availability of services, products, and supplies needed by a company for its daily running of operations. Common duties detailed in a supply chain manager resume include recruiting and training staff, procuring supplies, assessing the supply needs, forecasting material needs and making schedules for purchases. Archetypal resumes detail qualifications like leadership, expertise in supply chain management, attention to detail, good in communication, problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking. A bachelor’s degree in area of relevancy and proficiency in computing will be the minimal requirement when applying for this position.

Many people would write their supply chain management resume summary as follows:

Supply chain manager skilled with managing projects, staff, and resources efficiently and effectively. Self-driven with a deep knowledge of procurement, supply chain, and logistics. I boast of a track record in successful employment of business practices that reduce costs of operation while improving performance and efficiency.

Above average candidates would have their supply chain professional resume as follows:

Ran all logistics to include procurement, planning, receipt, inventory, distribution, maintenance and accountability of above forty million dollars of equipment and material. My activities led to the uninterrupted sustainment operations for a hundred and twenty persons in a remote village in Iraq for over one year.

  • Assessed statistical reports and information to establish performance trends, leading to efficient and effective use of resources.
  • Oversaw the inventories and ensured the accountability of equipment and material goods. This led to nearly 0% loss for the government.
  • Managed all operations comprising of 4 subordinate elements with material and equipment of value above a hundred million, leading to a hundred percent material and equipment accountability and close to a hundred percent equipment availability level.

You will note that the first example is too generic and unlike the second example, it lacks the wow factor. In the second example, however, the applicant details what he has done for companies instead of just stating general facts. With such a supply chain resume summary, you stand high chances of getting hired.

How to write a cover letter and a supply chain resume objective

A supply chain management resume objective is written statement by someone looking for a job in the companies in the supply chain management field. A manager in the field of supply chain supervises the process of a product from raw material processing to the last stage where it becomes a finished product ready to be taken to the market. Duties of this manager relate to manufacturing, planning, logistics and product distribution. The supply chain manager ensures that the fast, best and most cost-cutting ways are used in maintenance of a lucrative supply chain.

Many would write their resume objectives as shown below:

  • Delivered the best performance in the logistics and supply chain management field where I contributed to the company via hard work, leadership and organization skills.
  • Aiming to work as a manager in the supply chain where I will see to it that development and distribution of products are done smoothly and in a manner that cuts down costs.
  • Focusing on working as a manager in the field of supply chain and sharing my strategies for the purpose of improving organization performance

These are all wrong approaches of writing a resume objective. The right approach and the content that should be included in a cover letter for supply chain management should be mentioning the specific accomplishments in your path to your career. Look at the sample below

Oversaw the subcontracted process of build-to-order production which was scalable to a hundred and fifty million dollars annually.

Launched new products resulting in on-time delivery to clients and achieved the company’s gross profit goal.

Held negotiations with a US metal sheet supplier for manufacture of office cabinets. These negotiations resulted in on-time delivery through the implementation of VMI application which prevents outages in stock, improving turnover and saving four hundred and fifty thousand dollars in cabinets produced.

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