The best format for a software engineer resume

When writing a software engineering resume, a good summary will take the attention of managers the same way a sudo command does. A resume summary is used by engineers who have substantial experience while new graduates or people who are switching careers are well suited for a resume objective. Most people will write their summary as shown:

Software developer with more than seven years of software developing experience. I am skilled in Java, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Perl and ASP.NET, and in search of a position in Oracle’s software development team.

That is wrong and will only spoil your software engineer resume. Below is a better resume summary, however.

Spirited software developer with more than seven years writing codes for reputable firms. Improved ABC corp.’s client portal code efficiency by sixty-six percent. Helped boost retention of clients by twenty percent. I headed a group that won the 2015 cloud computing award. A team creative thinker who works well under pressure.

Note that you don’t need to have won a BOSSIE award to get hired. All you need to do is to go through your past and identify those notable moments that make the employer want to hire you. You can start by brainstorming your selling points and then write your resume summary part. You can use three or four selling points that are in line with your job description.

Do you need to write an entry level software engineer resume and your experience is just too little? Don’t sweat it. Make use of a resume objective; it is the way that those looking to change careers or fresh graduates need to go. This is an often-wrong starting point for an inexperienced engineer:

I am in search for a position as a software developer since I have graduated in software engineering, I am conversant in Java, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, and ASP.NET. I am an honest and confident person.

The right way to do it is as follows:

Self-driven software engineer with remarkable skills in time management. Have engineered different mobile applications and webs including a burglar alarm system using a webcam and a small single-board computer.

Those strong points should match the job description and be in line with your resume.

Senior software engineer resume

A resume format experienced software engineer can use the below two examples for an entry-level computer science resume experience to better their chances of getting hired. The two examples are for job positions that value productivity, leadership, security and file management.

Most people would write like this:

Senior Software Engineer

Cloud computing Inc.

March 2016 – February 2017

  • Implemented scalable aspects for client’s program using Java
  • Led teams of software engineers
  • Handled a huge workload by using my deep knowledge in web protocols
  • Have met deadlines in a dynamic group setting
  • Worked on various projects concerning security

This software engineering resume is generic with no achievements to show at all.

The below example shows how to write software engineer resume experience section:

Senior Software Engineer

Cloud computing Inc.

March 2016 – February 2017

  • Led teams of software engineers in handling the ten-client project software development life – cycle end to end
  • Developed structures to take care of numerous files from clients in companies
  • Spearheaded the implementation of Least Privilege
  • Principle across hundred percent staff of software development.
  • Achieved hundred percent compliance with approved industry practices by building security into newly introduced products

Though this is the same applicant, he has not figured the selling points in the first example. In the second example, however, the applicant uses the experience section to show that he is the best fit for the job. He made use of great action words to show this.

If you have no experience to show, you shouldn’t fret. You can mention open projects in which you participated. You can bring up coding activities that you did at home.

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