Reasons why you should consider using resume writing tips

There are many reasons why using these tips is important to come up with a resume. If you are not well versant with the process of writing a resume, tips will guide you and help you familiarize with resume writing. Resume writing tips act as a framework to help you develop your resume. They often include rules on what you should and what you should not include in your resume, how you should organize your work and how you can easily go about the whole process.

Guidelines on how to write resume

When you are looking to apply for a job or even an internship it is a requirement to present your credentials to the organisation you intend to apply to and those credentials include a copy of your resume. A resume is a representation of you and your capabilities that show your competence to hold a position and it should therefore be perfected. A good resume is one that is direct and concise. It should be factual and align your credibility to the job description.  A resume will help the superior at the organisation determine whether or not you are the best fit for the position. If you are clueless and asking yourself, how will I begin to write my resume?

Basic tips for writing a resume include determining the job you want to apply for and its necessary requirements, compare your capabilities and the requirements needed and align them in terms of priority, familiarizing yourself with other resumes and also highlighting your education. State your academic degree, your grade, GPA or any other academic achievements you may have. In case you possess non-academic achievements; state them as well to show how much of an asset you could be to the organisation. Give a brief summary of your related experiences which may be work related or also internship or volunteering experiences. There are moreover additional simple guidelines below that will help you as you develop a good resume:

  • Use bullets

A resume should not be lengthy therefore you should make use of short sentences. Using bullets is a neat and organised way to arrange your work. Since a resume should be concise using bullets will make it easier by arranging your work in a clear way that is easy to read.

  • Employ action words

As you write your resume come up with action words that are related to the position you intend to apply. By looking at the skills and requirements used in the vacancy post you can come up with these words to show you fit the job description; these words will make your resume stand out. It is also good to use synonyms of the actions words to avoid repetition.

  • Format Guidelines

Determine the best format of how to present your resume. You could use a resume writing template that is simple in a standard way. In matters of the length and font to use when writing; use visible font that is easy to read. There is no specific length for a resume so try and be concise; a one to two pages resume is worth considering.

  • Highlight your strengths

A resume should make you look good so emphasis on your strong traits and capabilities. Since you are using bullets, begin with your most relevant traits. This will keep your reader’s attention to read through your resume.

  • Be positive

Remember you want to give your reader more reasons to consider you for the job so focus on those reasons. Omit irrelevant information that has no relation to the position or your application. Ensure your resume has no negativity; this will look bad on your image.

  • Make use of % and &

The focus of your resume is to be specific but also avoid being lengthy at the same time. A lengthy resume is monotonous to read, so making use of % or $ figures when stating some specific capabilities to be concise and specific at the same time.

  • Edit your work

Perfection is the key factor in a resume. Proofread and edit your resume thoroughly, ensure it is consistent and make corrections on any grammatical or spelling errors. Simple typos for instance writing ‘how write a resume’ and omitting ‘to’ could make your resume end up being rejected. Failing to place an article or a word where it should be could cost you the position.

  • Align the job requirements needed to your capabilities

Make it easy for your reader to see that you are best fit for the job. Align the requirements for the job to the capabilities you possess related to the position.

  • Get input from another person

It is also good to hear out other people’s opinion; let them review the resume and give their insight or additional tips on writing a resume. A third part may notice mistake you might have missed. Take those comments into advisement and rectify the resume accordingly.

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