Format for writing a professional resume

If you are looking to applying a possible job position it is very essential to give it your all effort and dedication. You have to show the hiring manager your skills and experience in a brief and clear way using your resume. A professional resume should display both your professional experience and specialty. It should be straightforward and clear to understand without errors to increase your chances of being considered for a potential position. The following is a simple format that offers assistance on how to write a professional resume that is not only contenting but also one that meets professional expectations.

  • Summary statement

This should be the first part of your resume and it mainly consists of your top professional title. It should be short about five to six sentences long but highly effective. It should pass your skills effectively therefore it should be catchy to keep the reader interested to read. Make use of the key words in this section by aligning them along your related professional traits and accomplishments. State at least two of your skills and field of expertise. Mention a few minimal skills you possess that are related t the job description.

  • Area of expertise section

In a quick and easy way describe your abilities and skills. Remember to always be short and concise as you showcase your skills. A professionally written resume should consist of the skills one possess related to the job description and transferable skills for instance; communication planning or organizational skills. It is also important to use key words since some companies pass the resumes of applicant through an application tracking system to eliminate applicants.

  • Work Background

Give a brief description of your work experiences and accomplishments. List the positions you held and the organisations you worked. Also state the period you worked in the organisations employ the use of bullets to arrange your work, it will assist in making things brief.  Below every organisation you worked give a list of accomplishment you made in the company. Professional resume writing involves using action verbs to list those accomplishments you could also use metrics to describe your accomplishments. Action verbs like developed, prepared and budgeted are easy to notice and also have increased your power of writing.

  • Education levels

If you are fresh out of school your education level can help you secure a potential position. In case you are purchasing an online professional resume writing service ensure you submit all courses you have undertaken related to the position this section is where they should be listed.  Begin by listing your education level from the highest to lowest rank. Start with the degree, majors, minors (in case there are no majors), college courses or any other professional training. Additionally, include the dates when you completed each education level. It is not necessary to include your GPA unless you recently graduated.

Things to avoid when writing professional resumes

It is important to note that if you want to attain a good resume there are some things you should avoid. Whether you are writing the resume or employing a resume writing company to do so for you it is important to remember that incorporating such things in a resume will inhibit you from attaining a professionally written resume.

  • Avoid generalizing your achievements. Whenever you list your contributions ensure you give specific details of what you did in an organisation. Describe in detail how working in the company made you grow in terms of your career. Do not be general.
  • Avoid writing a lengthy resume or one that is too short. A resume can be however length you want it to be but remember very long resumes are cumbersome to read. Also avoid short resumes that do not pass across your capabilities. In this case ensure you list all your achievements but ensure you are both brief and effective.
  • Avoid writing unnecessary information that is insignificant to the job. These include personal information like age, race and sex and also personal interest that are in no way related to the job.
  • Avoid too much use of articles and personal pronouns. Personal pronouns like I and me can be repetitive. Since the resume is yours it directly implies that the task was done by no one else buy you. Being repetitive may be out putting for the reader and they may lose interest in reading your resume entirely.
  • Avoid dwelling in job duties too much. To become a resume writing professional try and focus on what made you extraordinary at performing a certain task.
  • Avoid typos. Reckless spelling mistakes can get your resume ending up in the bin without even consideration of your professional skills.
  • Avoid continuous referral to your references in the resume. Just mention your references once at the end of your resume. Having them at the end is a conclusive way to complete your resume layout.
  • Avoid a dysfunctional resume. If you have active career indicate the details in your resume unless you have been dormant professionally do not omit anything relevant to your career. People with employment gaps in their careers should avoid using this format since it implies they are trying to hide information due to lack of context and accomplishments.

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