Helping You Build the Best Physical Therapist Resume.

As a physical therapist, you are much a part of the world of health and wellness service. It is important to highlight your skills, certifications, and any other experiences which you feel might be beneficial to the company.

Your physical therapist resume should contain a professional summary that helps to describe why you are the best suited candidate for the role. The resume should also contain your experiences, mentioning particular situations in each experience in which you were tested and aced the situation. Physical therapy is a much practical discipline, so it is important that one can clearly articulate what they have managed to do over the years. While writing your resume for physical therapist, it is important to lay bare all your practical capabilities and experiences. Physical therapists work in a wide variety of care-giving institutions such as hospitals, trauma and recovery centres, clinics, schools and even sports institutions. What particular work experiences have helped you gain an extra edge over others who are applying for the role? Maybe you’ve worked with disadvantaged children and accident recovery victims. Whatever the case it is important to showcase and highlight all your skills and practice.

Your physical therapy resume objective should show a long-term willingness to work with disadvantaged groups. Include what kind of therapy you’ve engaged in: ROM, electro-therapy, cardiac rehabilitation? Our physical therapy resumes tailor the writing to your own specific style and we take time to learn about you and the company you are applying to. You need a resume that will help you catch the attention of a hiring manager and keep that attention glued to your name. We help you do that.

Your educational background should be clearly highlighted, together with any certifications that you may possess. Lay emphasis on any particular trainings and experiences that you may have had and which will be an added advantage to the job. Maybe you’ve worked with recovering cardiac arrest patients and managed to achieve an 80 percent conversion back to full functionality. If you possess those numbers, don’t be modest to use them in your pt resume.

You must clearly outline the different roles you’ve been involved in and the key responsibilities within those roles. A typical example for a person applying for such role within the responsibilities header might be as follows:

  • Analysis of anatomical features and structures
  • Diagnostic tests and therapy evaluations
  • Keeping records of patient progress and control
  • Data assessment of patients and using the same to develop custom programs for each patient.
  • A grasp of the industry standards and best practices
  • Knowledge of first aid techniques
  • Working experience in patient transfer and lift operations.

Also remember to put in your certifications and educational experience which uplifts and gives credibility to your resume. There is a growing demand for physical therapists who are more than experienced. The need for certification has seen the industry start to employ best practices and your certifications and licences will go a long way in making your resume stand out. These might include;

  • State licensure
  • Specific certifications for certain ailments such as lymphedema
  • CPR and first-responder certification
  • Passage through a CAPTE program.

When learning how to write physical therapist resume it is important to do background research on the organization you’re applying to and see what thee role exactly what the role entails.

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