Your Journey to Greatness Starts with A Marketing Manager Resume

Marketing is one of the most dynamic career lines one can find in our world right now. Marketing has made millions of simple career men and standard picket fence moms into big moguls with powerful corporations under their wings. What takes one from being a novice and a newbie into some of the world’s most visible boardrooms? What transforms one into a star inside the versatile world of marketing where nothing ever stays the same for a few seconds. Get a resume that compels you into greatness. Don’t just be the new guy. Be the ever-fresh guy.

How Does One Write a Great Digital Marketing Manager Resume?

There are ‘items’ that you should not forget to emphasize in your marketing manager resume.

You are applying to a company or department that sells an image or product. You must know how to sell yourself and your value proposition. Try to summarize your thoughts into a single page because if you can’t pack yourself without churning a chapter, you can’t sell a two-minute ad. Tell your story in a page and you’ll get an executive who wants to listen to you for 10 minutes. That’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Your resume for a marketing manager should also be proactive, highlighting your achievements. If you are applying to be a digital marketing manager, be sure to include all your practical skillset:

  • Ad creation software?
  • Social media engagement and opportunity creation?
  • Brilliant new designs and great ability to forecast it?
  • Tough budget lines producing larger -than-life creations?

Include all this and be aware that marketing is dynamic, so stick to the role that best befits you. How you tailor your resume will speak volumes about what you are able to offer the company, and how the company can leverage this opportunity for themselves with a great pay check and benefits for you. The best marketing manager resume will contain a glowing tribute to your past work and responsibilities. If you have been in charge of a team or a department before, don’t feel shy to take the buck and highlight those achievements.

If you are applying to a digital marketing manager position, it is in your best interest to include the best that you can do with a keyboard. We’re not talking about Excel and Word, and who cares about PowerPoint these days? Can you bring imagination to life with a computer? Is it animation, powerful graphics, tele-reality or great score production? What gives you an edge over the other guy?

We mentioned your value proposition. What does this exactly mean? Simply put, it is what you can bring to the table. Marketing is a highly dynamic role and you must have something great that you can offer. You might be applying to a small company or start-up looking to move its social media effort forward. Or maybe a fast-paced role in a marketing company that turns millions of dollars in revenue each year. Or you might be applying to the marketing department of a fortune 500 company. Whatever the role might be, get yourself working with the best. We offer the resume of a marketing manager that will get you liked in a few seconds and hired in a few more days. We will guide you to the job you really desire.

With marketing, you can add a bit more colour to your resume, albeit judiciously. You need to know and understand where exactly you are applying and what your potential employer ascribes to.

We’ll show you how to write marketing manager resume that blows their socks away. All the glam and lights that you need might just be yours with a great resume. We’ll connect the dots for you and help you build a powerful resume. How does the title ‘lead marketer’ sound to you? We know how to get you there. Call us right now or email us to get started.