What to include in a finance manager resume

Functions involving cash, income, payroll, costs, and business restructuring in a company are all handled by a finance manager. A finance manager resume should emphasize practical experience and comprehensive knowledge in accounting, finance, and the treasury department. It is the finance manager’s role to come up with policies about the financial health of the company and recommend them to the board and CEO. Any activities you may have done involving these roles should come out in your financial manager resume. A bachelor’s degree in finance or any other business-related course should be the minimum education requirement to be included in a finance professional CV.

We will look at what should be included in a resume of a finance manager in finance executive position with experience in financial analysis and treasury management. The document should serve as a reliable resource for top-notch financial professionals. The curriculum vitae should bear the heading of “senior Finance Executive.” To ensure finance manager resume format is good enough, the headline should be followed by subheadings for treasury management, investment management, and financial management as well as strategic decision making. If you were ever distinguished as an award winner, you should list the award; it catches the attention of the employer.

Right after the heading, the applicant should use an executive summary outlining their career experience. That should be followed by a quick reference of your skills for instance budget forecasting, cash management, financial markets and revenue cycle management. The quick summary of your experience constitutes the most important part of a resume for finance manager.

The resume should show a section of professional experience. This part provides a list of company, city, state, location and specific dates when you were working in the company. Below the job heading should be italic statements explaining the size and scope of the organization. After the job titles, the applicant should describe the job description of each relevant position they ever worked in. There should be bullets stressing quantified results and achievements in terms of money you helped save for the company. The education should follow after the experience detailing the professional association, professional development, and proficiency.

While you may understand the basics of how to write finance manager resume, it is important to have the resume summary correct. This is how many people write their summary:

  • Determined financial manager skilled at raising work profitability and efficiency through technical and functional assessment.
  • Successful at giving advice to multibillion-dollar firms, individual clients, and small businesses

That is very generic not showing any specific achievement. Some parts of your experience section are what should be written in the summary section. A good example should be as follows:

  • Drafted an analysis detailing business issues such as potential risks and profit opportunities in a potential acquisition of ABC company, or
  • Executed long-term and short-term comprehensive financial policies necessary to achieve XYZ company objectives.

With the above knowledge, you are skilled in writing a fine resume for a finance manager’s position. However, if you are always held up with work, you can rely on our experienced writers to write a fine finance manager resume.