Applying for jobs using a Devops resume

When applying for any job, it is important that you understand all the job requirements. More particularly, you must find a job that is perfect for you in terms of qualifications, expectations and remuneration. This is even more true for a career in DevOps which is still a growing discipline.

First, you will have to ask yourself whether the job as advertised is the right fit for you. Generally, DevOps concerns itself with development processes for software, applications and websites. As such, looking for a DevOps jobs means you are interested in working the development of apps, software and websites or on the operation of the technology.

Finding a job title which explicitly states the interest in “DevOps” as part of the qualifications is not easy. It would help to look for certain keywords that are specific to this profession. Such keywords include “Agile”, “Ruby”, and “Linux”. Your search can then be fortified by confirming the presence of relevant keywords in devops job descriptions.

Now that you have located the right fit for you, how do you ensure you are considered for the interview? A well written Devops resume is the answer to this question. Even though this is still a profession in the early stages of growth, you will be surprised by how competitive it is. There will probably be a number of equally experienced individuals interested in the same position you are applying for.

When preparing your resume for a company that is serious about DevOps, it is important to include certain keywords as well. With the knowledge that teamwork and cooperation are arguably the most vital characteristics a Devops company is looking for, one must remember to clearly illustrate that they possess these qualities.  Your resume must give the company the impression that you are either outgoing, a team player or an excellent communicator. To reinforce this impression, this skills must be linked directly to your previous projects and experiences in various organizations.

Tips for writing a build and release engineer resume

Devops is a specialized industry which, like any other, will require a careful process when writing the resume. Here a few tips to keep in mind while writing devops resumes:

  • Avoid making it too long – stick to relevant points. It is highly likely that hiring managers will not have the time to read through a 10 page document detailing every single activity you have taken part in
  • Leave out the section on your career objectives – employers really do not care as much about your own career goals as they do about the company’s goals and how you can be instrumental in achieving them.
  • Critically evaluate your employment history to determine whether you should include a summary statement – this statement works better for seasoned professionals as opposed to those who have a linear employment history.
  • Have a section in which you focus on your technical skills – a devops engineer resume cannot do without emphasis on technical skills. These skills are in fact much more important than your employment history.
  • Use measurable results to write about your accomplishments – do not simply list your accomplishments, include figures or measurable statistics. For example, you may want to say that you lowered costs by a certain percentage in your previous workplace.
  • Pay some attention to soft skills – you want to indicate that you will be a good fit for the organizational culture.

By following this simple guide to identifying and applying for a devops job, you should be able to have an easy and efficient application. However, even with the above tips, coming up with high quality, well-structured content may not be easy.

Are you struggling to tailor your resume to suit a devops job advertisement? Do you have the required skills and experience as per the job description, yet you worry that you might not be able to get to the interview stage due to a poorly written resume? Contact us today and have an experienced professional write devops resume for you.