What sets your dental hygienist resume apart?

As a dental health practitioner, you need a resume that helps set you apart as a great oral health provider. Your job objective and professional and career philosophy will be demonstrated by what kinds of roles you have taken on and how you have handled these roles. Your dental hygienist resume should be clear and concise, and help draw the parallels between your educational achievements, certifications and work experiences.

By demonstrating that you have the requisite knowledge and experience to back it up, your resume stands a far better chance of getting into the right hands. These days, medical practitioners command a huge salary and as such, it is important to cut a business and professional like manner in your approach, even as someone reads your resume.

Your dental hygiene resume should highlight your achievements.

A dental hygienist resume objective is important as this is what gets noticed first by the person reading your resume. Remember that your resume will almost likely land in hands of a dental health practitioner, mostly a general dentist. Your goals need to be clear cut from the onset. Maybe your desire is to work in paediatric dentistry. Or maybe you have an interest in community health and have worked previously in a dental or health clinic serving the less privileged. Make sure your resume does your experience justice and puts the spotlight on it. Remember, the person reading your resume only has few seconds or minutes to spare before s/he moves on to the next one. How you craft yourself will determine whether that person wants to read more of your story or will quickly toss it and move on to the next one.

When writing your dental hygienist resume skills, it is important to remember that there is the soft side to that operation. Do you have any people skills that will give you an edge over the competition? What educational programs have you gone through that have aligned your career to your professional objectives? Are there any certifications that you have acquired that will help you in this journey? We’ll show you how to write dental hygienist resume that will knock their socks right off, and help you get placement in all the right places. Do you possess any special skills or added experience that will place you a cut above the rest? Highlight this in a way that magnifies your worth. For example, you could say; ‘I have years of experience in paediatric dentistry and I am quite skilled with geriatric patients’. Such statement not only adds colour to your resume but also make sure to convince the reader that you are a person to go the extra mile in the tough line of work.

It is important to lay emphasis to achievement rather than just ‘doing’. Doers are disliked because of their inability to innovate. Your resume for dental hygienist should list all your previous work experience, especially related to the line of dental care. It should list your accomplishments and any milestones for the said periods. Show what the career transition and transformation has been leading up to the present situation and your desire in the respective job.

As a dental health practitioner, you might think that your experience outside this specific career path doesn’t count for anything. That isn’t true. Aside from just dental care, other skills such as managerial qualities are desired in practitioners. Can you organize and manage databases and run budgets? Do you know how to take stock and inventory? Maybe you are a good marketer. If your past experience allows you to insert these into your resume, then by all means don’t be shy.

It helps to be able to do other administrative, sales and clerical duties when you are not in the dental theatre. Maybe you’ve worked as a volunteer. Add all this to your resume.

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