Get the Help You Need to Write a Top Notch Database Administrator Resume

There are numerous job opportunities for database administrators. However, these jobs will not be handed to you on a silver platter. You need to write a great CV that will get the attention of the recruiters and convince them to call you for an interview. This can be very difficult if you do not know the first thing about writing a database administrator resume. Luckily, we can help. Our company has numerous resume templates that you can use to create your resume. The great thing about our templates is the fact that you will not have to waste a lot of time on design or format since there are many simple design options to choose from. Apart from this, there are numerous examples you can use to craft a great resume.

What to Include in the Database Administrator Resume Objective Section

The career objectives section of your resume is one of the most important parts of your resume for database administrator. Your career objectives ought to be in line with the company’s objectives and goals. The recruiter needs to know that you will be able to achieve your career objectives in their company and use your expertise to grow and improve their organization. Therefore, it is very important to go through the company’s goals and objectives and identify which ones are similar to your own goals. Once this is done, use the right tone, language and keywords to write a great career objective that will leave the recruiter no other option but to hire you for the job.

How to Write the Experience Section of Your Resume

The experience section of your resume is another part you need to be very careful when writing. Today, recruiters focus more on skills and experience compared to educational background. Therefore, you need to convince the recruiter that you have what it takes to do the job. This is especially important if you are writing an entry level database administrator resume.

Take some time to look at some of the skills you have acquired in your career and describe them in detail in your resume. If you are a recent graduate, you need to include useful research, internships or volunteer programs you have done that have helped you gain the required experience for the job. Some examples of the skills you can include in the experience section include:

  • System Implementation
  • System Testing
  • Data Analysis
  • Modelling
  • Technical skills like Oracle, SQL, IBM and DB2

Important Action Verbs to Include in Your Resume

Whether you are writing an Oracle database administrator resume or an SQL server database administrator resume, there are certain action verbs you should include in your resume to make it even more interesting. They include words like; organized, maintained, created, solved, developed, negotiated, taught, designed, presented, repaired, held, managed, researched and wrote among others. These words should be used in your work experience section. Using action words not only makes your resume concise but also very memorable.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Database Administrator CV

Spelling Mistakes

With so many people sending in their applications, recruiters are very strict on details. They go through each resume carefully so that they can determine which people they need to call back. You cannot afford to make a mistake that can ruin your chances. Spelling mistakes are not tolerated and they might easily ruin all your chances of getting a callback. Before you send your completed resume, proof-read it to ensure there are no spelling mistakes.

Lengthy Resumes

Recruiters will not spend more than 5 seconds on your resume. Therefore, you need to keep it very brief and provide all the information needed on a single page or a maximum of two pages.

Overstatements and Exaggerations

Never exaggerate or lie to stand out. Always provide truthful information and allow your work experience and skills to make you stand out. Otherwise, you might end up missing out on a great opportunity that you are actually qualified for.

If you need any help with writing your resume, contact us. We have numerous templates and examples you can use to craft high quality resumes.