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Who likes a boring paperwork? Probably, few of us as, firstly, it is not very interesting, secondly, it requires some knowledge in a particular sphere, some time, and some responsibility because everything has to be first-class. There are two papers that almost everyone has faced or will face in their life. They are a cover letter and a curriculum vitae (usually abbreviated as a CV). Writing a cover letter is necessary for job seekers, while CV writing is needed when you enter a university, want to take part in a scientific or research project, etc. What are the main differences between these two documents? What they should be like and how our cover letter writing service can help you? Read the article below!

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Despite the similar aim of writing, a cover letter and a CV differ in some particular features. As a rule, the length of a cover letter is not more than one page. This paper has to include your contact information, a salutation, body paragraphs and a closing.

The section with the contact information should have the following: your name, phone, address and email. Be careful with your email! In a cover letter, it is better not to use the email connected with your hobby, pets, or containing a familiar or humorous nickname. Your cover letter should indicate you as a professional person, who can be relied on.

As for salutation, it would be appreciated by an employer if you addressed yourself to them with their name. Review the website of a firm or call their office to find out this information.

In body paragraphs, you have to explain why you are interested in this very job position and why you are the best candidate for it. Here you should list your strong points referring to the employer’s requirements. The rule “the more, the better” does not work here. No one wants to read a long novel about your pluses and achievements, to the contrary, a short but well-organized cover letter will tell of you as of a person valuing time of others. There are two types of cover letters. In an application letter, you have to write why you want to get a particular position, while writing an inquiry letter, you ask to give you information about potential positions. Try to put yourself in your possible employer’s shoes and think what would catch your eye (as an employer) and make you hire this very candidate.

Avoid informal style while writing a closing. These are the examples of appropriate closing phrases: “Regards”, “Respectfully”, “Sincerely”. After cover letter writing, reread your paper.

Now it is time to consider the curriculum vitae (or the CV). A curriculum vitae is necessary when you want to enter a university, to take part in a scientific or academic work, or to join a project. It can be also needed for various grants, scholarships, and things like that. This paper is longer than a cover letter. It includes about two or a bit more pages of text.

You give much more information about yourself in your CV than in your cover letter. A CV should include information about your education, working experience, skills that are necessary for the position you apply for, facts about your research and scientific activity, publications, awards, honors etc. Write about projects you have taken part in, such as working or studying abroad, exhibitions, as well as about your scientific achievements (including dissertations, lectures, presentations). Computer skills and language skills make an important part of your CV. Even your hobbies and interests can be included in this paper. But avoid very detailed and personal information that is not vital for your employer such as names of your relatives, political views etc. Use unordered lists in your paper in order to make it easier for interpretation. Do not write more than three pages. It would be better if your document covered two pages.

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