What you need to know about a corporate recruiter resume

Corporate recruiting is a human resource profession where the main responsibility is hiring the workforce of an organization. Corporate recruiters assist firms in the identification, interview, research and hiring of employees. One should not confuse a corporate recruiter with a third-party recruiter. His aim is to bring together top-notch candidates for positions in a firm. The actions of a corporate recruiter will tell the success of a corporate firm. Recruiter responsibilities involve the task of hiring sales, engineering and promotional professionals. He is also accountable for drafting employment contracts, developing new processes such as employee referral programs and handling application processes in an organization. A corporate recruiter is not only responsible for sourcing great talent, but also screening resumes, writing J Ds, extending job offers, interviewing, keeping accurate records of the candidates, they have interviewed, carrying out strategies related to hiring and organizing new hires. By getting the opportunity to be a corporate recruiter, you have the chance to collect valuable experience concerning recruiter responsibilities and what you need to get headhunted by the top firms in the industry. Being hired by one firm should not limit you; you can work as an agent for other firms or on contract recruitment jobs. One of the advantages of being a corporate recruiter is that when working for your present firm, you have the chance of understanding the industry and getting an in-depth comprehension of the management structure, job titles that are common and harnessing some valuable work experience. What’s more is that you can attend seminars, conferences and take those opportunities to connect with business people in other firms in your industry. You may get a good candidate in those other companies waiting to get a better job in a company like yours. Understanding these things can also help while writing your corporate recruiter resume

Understanding a corporate recruiter job description will help you when writing your resume

The job description of a corporate recruiter includes things like:

  • Consulting with CEOs, managers, directors and other stakeholders of a company to identify the needs of a company before hiring.
  • Posting position available for application on career websites
  • Arranging for interviews
  • Carrying out interviews with qualified candidates
  • Travelling to career fairs in a bid to get candidates
  • Explaining requirements, responsibilities, and duties of the positions open for application
  • Assessing candidates to sift the best for the open positions
  • Explaining the advantages and remuneration of open job positions
  • Negotiating with regards to remuneration with qualified candidates
  • Researching competitive companies for a better understanding of competitive remuneration packages
  • Restraining oneself not to consider only the highly qualified candidates
  • Creating short listings of potential hires
  • Presenting details to CEO and human resource regarding qualified candidates for review
  • Helping in the interviewing and hiring
  • Advising management on ways of improving the process of recruitment
  • Maintenance and development of the relationship of personnel in the industry’s network for the purpose of hiring in the future

With the above knowledge, we will now be able to discuss what should constitute a CV recruiter. As a talented corporate recruiter, you need to understand that in order to have the attention of top companies, you will require a comprehensive curriculum vitae. For how to write corporate recruiter resume, you need some tips to get you started. Look at the sample below for resume writing tips.

Talent acquisition and recruitment professional experienced in development and carrying out recruitment strategies within in-house, corporate and agency settings. Managed full-cycle recruiting: initial talent sourcing, resume screening, offering negotiations, onboarding, and placement. Sourced top-notch candidates by harnessing the power of recruitment programs, cold calling, referrals and social media.

Placements: executed technical, managerial, professional recruiting in areas such as:

  • IT professionals
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Admin/office support
  • Skilled Trades
  • Project management

Recruiting Tools:

People soft recruiting solution by oracle ǀ LinkedIn Recruiter ǀ Taleo IBM ǀ Bond Adapt UX ǀ PC Recruiter ǀ Application PRO ǀ Bond Adapt

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