A big data resume that will get you to the interview

Generally, big data analysts are necessary for a company which needs to make more informed decisions especially through data scientists, predictive modelers and so on. The software tools used in this profession vary quite a lot, making it a unique technical profession.

The good news is, you can land that big data job without having excessive real world experience. The bad news is that you would need an extremely well written big data engineer resume to land you this job especially where there is a large pool of potential candidates the company can choose from. This guide will provide you with a few tips which can make it much easier to draft a resume worth the attention.

First, and most important to note, is that your resume must showcase your skills in relation to Big Data. You must touch on either mongodb, Cassandra, Hadoop or any software that can be linked to Big Data experience. Here are a few mongodb resume points which can be applied generally to big data:

  • Start your resume of with your certifications. If, for example you have attained the CCDH certification, or the Hadoop+Spark certification you must have this in the opening part of your resume. With these certifications, you are halfway there on your way to the interview stage. What of those who do not have certifications? Not to worry, your strategy is addressed in the next point
  • For an individual who is yet to get the chance to work on any live project, there are a few strategies that will be of relevance. First, you could make use of projects from your training institute. These must have real numbers, facts and figures. Furthermore, you must be able to tie these projects to your skill set to create a compelling story. If you do not have a project from your institute, you will have to work on one afresh. Be careful to be involved in each step, especially the coding and creation so that during the interview you can actually offer an in depth and rational explanation of how this project ties to your skill set.
  • Another option is to have some POCs you have done for a client included in your resume. Any POCs you have worked on individually can be aligned to a client who has similar interests. The catch here is that you have to be as imaginative as possible in case your interviewer asks you specific questions. This means that you have to know the cluster size, data formats, data size, frequency and architecture off your fingertips. Nothing is worse than showing up for an interview while clueless.

These are the main tips that will ensure your resume stands out from the rest. Remember, these tips can be tweaked for use in more than just a mongodb experience resume. They can also be used in a Cassandra resume.

Advantages of having a well drafted data engineer resume

You must be wondering why the emphasis on certain qualities specific to a data engineer job application. Like many other technical jobs, there is a large number of skills that candidates possess, as such a summarized and relevant resume is desirable because it:

  • Saves the hiring manager time
  • Increases the chances that your best skills will be highlighted
  • Lowers the chances of your resume being overlooked
  • Highlights the ways in which you fit the job description

Due to the advantages that a well written resume holds, it is important that you ensure you have such when applying for that job you desire. Despite having a guide on what to include to make your resume relevant, it might still be a challenge to come up with the right content

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