Transform Your Audit Manager Resume into A Solid Job

Auditing and financial control is one of the most important departments in any company. The need for adherence to budgets, financial assessments, cost leveraging and internal operational efficiency makes the job of auditors and finance managers one of the toughest in any company. As an auditor manager, you need to have a track record for efficiency and implementation of policies. There are thousands of folks applying to the demanding portfolio of audit manager. What makes you stand out?

We know how to get you noticed by the best companies and land you into your dream career. If you’re looking to know how to write audit manager resume, you’ve come to the right place. Let our professional resume writers give you a handle on what’s good and how to get your efforts noticed in a tough industry.

You Need to Understand What Is an Audit Manager

As an audit manager, you will be handling a dynamic team, making sure that the company sticks to budget lines and other measures of financial control. Organizations are not willing to lose anything due to inefficiency or embezzlement. As a result, finance and audit managers are usually in the direct line of fire when it comes to making sure that the organisation is operating within set parameters.

Your core qualifications need to complement the role you are applying for. Your skills need to be up to the industry standard and you need to make the company you are applying to understand that you are the best bet for them. What skills do you possess that would be an advantage to your future employer? Some of the practical areas that might make your audit manager resume look really good include:

  • Policy development
  • Internal control assessment
  • Project analysis
  • Data verification
  • Security audit risk
  • Reconciliation

Audit managers work in a wide variety of environments and in diverse companies. If you have the added advantage of working with various organisations in different industries, it is important that you highlight any specific achievements that you may have in each of these industries. Each company will usually have its own audit manager job description that reflects what the company does and how it conducts its business.

Let your resume project professionalism on your part and be the guy that anyone would hate to lose. If you have any special skills that give you an edge over the competition, don’t be shy to highlight these. Keep your resume short and succinct, preferably on a single page and let the reader form a great opinion about you immediately they lay eyes on your essay.

If you are applying to a position in IT auditing, you must understand that the role is challenging and requires you to be hands-on and tech savvy. In a world where everything is going digital, your practical experience would best serve your resume. It would be best to confirm the IT audit manager salary in the organization you are applying by doing your research as the role is quite proactive. As an audit manager, you may be in charge of an entire department, or you may be tasked with certain responsibilities. What special skills and abilities do you possess and what places you a cut above the rest? Your resume answers all these questions clearly and within a single page.

Highlight any achievements that you have had in your career, and don’t forget to include sheer, hard numbers. Make sure to write these in a way that speaks positively about you. What have you accomplished in your previous stints? In what kind of financial position did you leave your previous employer? Did you save them cash? Did you fulfil all your KPIs? Speak boldly about your achievements and let them sell you. If it is a CPA auditor resume, highlight your certifications and charters.

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